About the blog

Notes From the Creek contains notes, short articles, and photos about nature, with an emphasis on the reptiles and amphibians of Texas. Most entries will be fairly raw field notes and photos, with essays and other writing at http://www.greatrattlesnakehwy.com.

Notes From the Creek is written by Michael Smith. From the age of 11 (in 1962), I grew up mostly in north Texas, visiting a nearby creek and then exploring more places in Texas. The more time I spent in the field, the more my interests broadened from snakes, to all the reptiles and amphibians, to all wildlife and the places where they live. Herpetology has, however, remained my central focus.  I have given talks for various groups, written articles, and been president of and editor for the DFW Herpetological Society.



3 Responses to About the blog

  1. Steve Rodgers says:

    I found a large (4′) snake in my house yesterday and don’t know what it is. I’m color blind and don’t know how to determine it’s type. I did, howver, take a photo of it and would like to email it to you for your identification…if you would, please. Also, is there anything I can do to “snake proof’ my house since I don’t want another occurence of this to happen. We have lots of Copperheads in my neighborhood and I would like to know how to deter them from enterring my property and house.


    Steve Rodgers-

    • Michael says:

      Please do email the photo to me, at (email edited)
      There’s not a lot you can do to snakeproof the house, but I’ll follow up with some info about a few things you can do.

  2. Ben Pierce says:

    Michael: I teach biology at Southwestern University in Georgetown. I looked a couple of time for slimy salamanders along the San Gabriel River, but never found any. I would love to see one. Would you be willing to share more precise locality information. In return, I’d be glad to take you to one of the sites where I study the Georgetown salamander.

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