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From the age of 11 (in 1962), I grew up mostly in north Texas. I’ve been interested in herpetology for all those years, and so I have some experience with the reptiles and amphibians of Texas. I have written on the topic, given talks, been president of and editor for the DFW Herpetological Society. I wrote an article on venomous snakes published in Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine. Clint King and I have a manuscript in the editorial process at Texas A&M University Press, anticipated out some time next year. Additionally, I have been licensed in Texas as a Psychological Associate since 1985 and have worked largely with children and families. My background and training are in the areas of applied behavior analysis and infant mental health, and I worked in an early childhood intervention program for many years. In that position, I worked with the child and family together, addressing a wide variety of issues including maltreatment and trauma as well as developmental disabilities such as autism. In recent years I have worked in a pediatric hospital, administering neuropsychological tests.

October 1, Trinity River

I walked this afternoon at River Legacy, a greenbelt in Arlington that tracks the Trinity River. It was a pleasant, sunny day with the temperatures in the mid-80’s, an observation that was not lost on the dozens of people I … Continue reading

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Southwest Nature Preserve – 10 September 17

Brief field notes from a walk from about 3:30-4:30pm, to the north pond and then over to the fishing pond. Weather Underground said the Fort Worth temperature was 84F with 35% humidity and barometer at 30.12 and falling. My thermometer … Continue reading

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Southwest Nature Preserve – 4 September 17

Field notes from today, a walk at the preserve from 11:00am to 12:12pm. I walked to the north pond, then back and up to the ridge top, then down the boulder path and back. It was sunny and warm, with … Continue reading

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Why We Kill, Protect, or Leave Alone: Factors Contributing to Rattlesnake Roundups

As abhorrent as rattlesnake roundups are to many of us, we cannot dismiss them as evil events run by bad people. Instead, it may be helpful to consider why people would poison the environment with gasoline to hunt animals that … Continue reading

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January Woods Near Lake Worth

I have become a fan of winter walks in the woods, even on a cold day like today. It wasn’t bitterly cold, but the thermometer struggled to get out of the thirties in midday, before falling in the afternoon as … Continue reading

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Discovering a Little Creek

It was time for a walk in the woods – past time, actually – and the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge seemed like just the place for it. Summer hung tenaciously on, unaware that it had been displaced by … Continue reading

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A Quick One to the Big Bend

My thought, expressed to Clint, was: “We should sell everything we own, move our families out here, take whatever jobs we can get at the Chisos Mountain Lodge, and we’d be here every day.” Of course, this flight from reality … Continue reading

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